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Our company is currently based in Athens in our private building of 4.000 m2 . We also have a branch office in Thessaloniki

Hospital Line main offices: Thessaloniki Office:

Mailing address:

Mailing address:

 36, K.Palama str,                                   

 41, Natsina str,

 14343 N.Chalkidona

54248 Salonica


Phone: +302310326017

 Contact details:           

Fax:     +302310326017

Sales dpt:


Phone: +302102502000


Fax:     +302102502010

Primary contact QPPV:

Email:  hospital-line@hospital-line.gr

Vasilios Pavlou , Pharmacist
  Phone: +302102502000

Service dpt:


Phone: +302102502011

Email: vasilios@hospital-line.gr

Fax:     +302102020742


Email:  med.equipment@hospital-line.gr

Deputy QPPV:
  Georgakis Stylianos

Logistics dpt:

Phone: +302102502000

Phone: +302102510040


Fax:     +302102520742

Email: s.georgakis@hospital-line.gr

Email:  logistics@hospital-line.gr


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