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Hospital Line S.A. established in Athens, Greece, in 1993.

Our intent is to focus on quality products requiring intensive promotion and marketing support, as well as the special requests of the Hospital market, led to the need of an autonomous company fulfilling the above goals. Thus, Hospital Line S.A. was established in order to undertake the promotion and the sales of absolutely innovative and high quality medical products. Very soon it was strengthening by a team of high experienced people in health market, key executives in multinational pharmaceutical companies for many years. 

To build a model-company  serving the health care industry in SE Europe

A Company in which people develop emotional intelligence among them and share their  future.

To approach the needs of today's patient with sensibility  and integrity building innovative solutions in every activity.

To search  the last evolution in  Science and Technology  , to pursue  win-win  cooperation with other innovative companies , to act on teams and dare to make changes.

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